Hello from Chile!

Hello from Chile :) It feels like I’ve been imagining that opening for a long time. And we’re here. And it’s lovely :)

So… thus far:

I was surprised that leaving Berlin Wednesday evening felt a little like leaving home…


Certainly it will take a while for me to figure out how I fit into life in Germany, but at the very least, I’m excited about knowing that we’re returning, together, to a place that feels like ours :)

Easy flights; our only hiccup was a connection through Madrid that was punctuated by a panicked sprint through the terminal, only to find that it was the other flight to Santiago that had issued a final call. So, crisis averted, and at least we got our cardio in for the day :) Plus, we got to wake up to this:

IMG_8525[1]  IMG_8526[1]

Chile! Yay! We arrived Thursday morning to beautiful blue skies and definitive tank-top weather. Since we’ve recently learned that we have quite awhile before our precious cargo arrives (sensitive subject right now – more on that later) we figured we’d take the cheap and slow route into the city. So we grabbed a bus and took our time meandering our way through downtown Santiago.

We made our way to our Airbnb rental – an easy little apartment in the middle of Santiago, with a great location between the Bellas Artes and Lastarria neighborhoods, where we were really happy to see lots of cute cafes, bars, and fun activity.

IMG_8527[1]   P1040340

After grabbing lunch, we wandered a few blocks to the Museo de Bellas Artes. Some very cool classical Chilean works, plus a pile of clothes as the installation in the main hall… it looked like a teenagers bedroom. Art. Confusing.

IMG_8531[1] IMG_8530[1]


We wandered around a bit more, of course stopping to check out the local bike tour shop:  P1040322

For dinner we headed to Lastarria in search of an authentic, hispter Santaigo experience. Personally, I loved the purple Jacaranda trees lining the streets – reminded me of home in Santa Barbara. Wolf was disappointed, while I was secretly overjoyed, that the waiter spoke to us only in English. Great little tourist trap :) We enjoyed a beautiful evening, sitting outside in shorts, sampling flights of Chilean wine… first day success!

P1040325           P1040326


4 thoughts on “Hello from Chile!”

  1. KK, I love the blog. The kids and I are reading it each night at bedtime as part of our bedtime stories. We are also going to try and follow you on a map, so that we can see where you guys are in the world.

    Ben wants to known if you guys have found any treasures yet? Riley agrees that the art installation looks like her bedroom.


    1. I thinm it would be cool if Riley’s bedroom did look like that – she could almost swim through that giant pile of clothes! No treaure so far but today we’re going to a really big waterfall and I’m thinkjng there could be treasure behind it – I’ll check for Ben! I think about Lian every day – she would love to pet all the doggies here! Miss you guys. Love you!


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