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Our journey began the morning Wolf casually suggested that a road trip through the Americas in a Westy sounded like fun…

Six months later we bought a van:

black and white van




And we celebrated by taking it on an adventure! We thought long and hard about how to ease ourselves into van life, and finally determined that the best way to get our feet wet would be to send our little Westy on a boat ride to Chile, pick her up in Valparaiso, and drive across South America. So we did. And we loved every second. And now that we’re back, we’re constantly planning the next adventure. But first, a bit about us…

Caroline profile pic


Caroline is an easy-going Californian who loves planning and adventuring. She loves being outdoors, baking, and Eddie the Cat. Caroline left the corporate world and her job in finance to begin an adventure – starting with a big road trip and marrying Wolf :)

Wolf profile pic





Wolf, a Texan with Dutch and German roots, made it his mission to find the best muesli in the Southern Hemisphere and has mastered how to say “Please help me fix my van” and “Are you showing the Longhorns game?” in Spanish. 


We met in Berlin – Caroline was passing through and Wolf had just moved to the city. After hanging out for a few days, we went our separate ways. For the next ten years, we enjoyed a casual friendship on separate continents. That all changed when Wolf came to visit Caroline in San Francisco. A three-day visit turned into ten days. Then Caroline flew to Berlin to see his life there.

Over the next year we kayaked in Alaska, dove at the Great Barrier Reef,  explored the Slovenian countryside, island-hopped in Croatia, popped into Bosnia and Herzegovina, hiked the peaks of Montenegro, and ate all the gelato in Italy. Somewhere in the midst of all this, we fell in love and Wolf moved to San Francisco to see if it could work.

After a road trip with Wolf’s parents through Albania, during which all parties thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, we knew it was working. A few months later, on a hike through Lassen Volcanic National Park, Wolf got down on one knee. The next weekend, we found our Westy. And somehow, it all makes perfect sense. We couldn’t think of a better way to start our life together than with another big adventure, which led us on a road trip through South America.

Now we’ve settled into married life in Berlin but we’re still adventuring and we plan to document it all here. Drop us a note or leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “about us”

  1. Your make the whole idea seem almost reasonable! May you find joy in every pleasure and the silver lining in every cloud.


  2. First I want to complement you on your writing ability. Second, Grandpa I definitely would like to be included in your emails. Grandpa


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