We’re back. And we have news…

So… A lot has happened since our last post.

One of these days I’ll finish filling you in on the final leg of our South American adventure, but in a nutshell, we loved every second and dream of being back there often.

Since then, though, we’ve kept pretty busy.

We made it back to San Francisco just in time to attend our own wedding:

Caroline and Wolf 133

And let me tell you, getting married was awesome. We danced and drank and laughed and celebrated with people we love dearly.

Caroline and Wolf_secondary 284

My shiny new husband even surprised me by serenading me with “Sweet Caroline”:

Caroline and Wolf 1096

Basically I want to live the whole day over and over again. Not everything went as planned, but everything was perfect.

Caroline and Wolf 186

And then, just a couple of weeks after getting hitched, we moved to Berlin.


Well, for Wolf it was a move back. For me, it was a whole new adventure in our new life together.


As soon as we’d dropped our bags, we headed to Munich to celebrate our marriage with friends and family in Europe.


Since our lives straddle Europe and North American, it seemed like a good excuse to celebrate twice. So we did. We drank more and danced more and were surrounded by even more people we love. Plus, there were cute outfits:


Being married to Wolf has been more joyful than I thought possible. We felt so lucky.

photo (4)

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, somewhere in the midst of all the happiness and chaos… this also happened:

PeytonCaroline20150806184045843 (edited)

And now, just nine short months later, we’re having a baby!!

Just about a year ago we were having a lot of conversations about how quitting a job and taking a big travel and moving to another continent and getting married might be a lot to take on all at once. So what’s one more life change, right?

Being pregnant and receiving prenatal care in Germany has been a really positive experience for us and one of these days I’ll get around to sharing a bit about what it’s been like. But for now, we’re so excited and we feel really, really lucky in just about every way. Well, if I’m being really honest, we’re probably equal parts excited and terrified about what’s to come :)

Any day now our lives are about to change all sorts of ways. So please brace yourself for a gratuitous amount of baby pictures. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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