Ihla Grande

We woke up Thanksgiving morning in a beautiful place on the coast of Brazil – a great reminder that I have so much to be thankful for.

Even though we’re in an awesome place and genuinely having a wonderful time, holidays spent away from family are always a bit odd – I miss the people, the food, the traditions… so I spent a few minutes in the morning thinking of family and friends back home, sending good vibes and wondering what everyone would be doing to celebrate. I searched the hotel’s breakfast spread for a pumpkin muffin, perhaps a pumpkin waffle, maybe even a pumpkin coffeecake… sadly, the buffet was pumpkin-free and I resigned myself to the standard hotel breakfast fare – fruit, breads, cheeses, juices, etc. We watched the drizzle outside on the beach while sipping coffee and then packed up and checked out. We had places to go.

Our next stop was Ihla Grande, an island off the coast near Paraty:

Ihla Grande Pic

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